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Artist's book

tres mas dos son cinco

In this PDF I show you an artist book I made last year. This project title was "Te lo voy a contar con 5 palabras" ("I'm gonna tell you in five words").

It must content five words, so I decide to use the phrase "tres mas dos son cinco" ("three plus two is five") and then I design this book using black and red as principal colours and also dark blue in small parts.

Artist book

TFE files

ESDM magazine

This is an editorial work which shows some of the final work degree 2014-2015 from all the design specialties in Escuela Superior de Diseño de Madrid (ESDM)

TFE files

Here you'll see this tfe manual.
TFE manual


Editorial work

Small editorial work in which I made this design of the layout of The Gutenberg Galaxy.

I tried to do something diferent by compousing the text in diferent forms and using diferent colours for each part of the text and book.

The Gutenberg Galaxy