some of the audiovisual projects I've done


This is a multi screen project made with Adobe Premiere. I choosed the song "You" by dj Pitto, and I used the changes and the pulsations of the music for making this composition by recording me walking with a friend and using othe timelapse nature, city, sports and other kind of videos always trying to convey relax and beautiful scenes.

Miss you
A video project (not finished)

This is an audiovisual project, which I'm currently working on, where by geometric forms with diferent colours, all of them simulating being on 3D by the superposition of red and blue colours, its made a visual composition which follows the ritms of the song: "Miss you" by Trentemöller.

Sneaker Calendar

This is a demostration video made to show how an aplication called Sneaker Calendar about trainers designed by me, could work if it was real. Made with After Effects.


Mini video made for channel Cuatro at class for Chritsmas season.

Shuffle Dance
a rotoscopy work

Short piece of a rotoscopy made with a Wacom tablet of a girl making shuffle dance

Air France
a rotoscopy work

Rotoscopy work about a cicle of walking created with diferent neon colours and forms and adding a Joris Delacroix song.

Pulp Fiction

For this project, I choose a Pulp Fiction poster to make after a audiovisual with the elements you can find in this poster, adding also music.