About me

Elena Lidón García

I'm a last year student of graphic design in Escuela Superior de Diseño de Madrid (ESDM). Passionate about the world of audiovisual and illustration, as well as everything that has to do with design, I'm always willing to learn the most of it about my specialty and other fields of design. I also know a bit of programation (HTML, CSS, jquery, json...), in fact I've made myself this website with a template help.

I always choose the "manual way" but I can also work with my laptop as I recognize it's something necessary nowadays. I can work either with programs like adobe or with a traditional way. I'm looking forwards to step into the professional world once I finish my studies, in the funniest and best way.

I see myself as an ambitious person, that doesn't settle with the first choice. I like innovating and I'm quite perfectionist and punctilious and I can work either alone or in groups.

Apart from graphic design I'm really interested in architecture, not only in drawing but in taking pictures of it, mainly buildings. In fact it's thanks to my recent discover of the details that I see in pieces of architecture what has made me interested in start drawing it either by hand or using a tablet (Wacom). I also love to read all kinds of literature and watch movies, I love anime and animation films. From my sight that's something that helps you open your mind to imagination and creativity.

I'm looking forward to continuate learning about everything I’m interested in, and I would like to learn as well from other professionals and partners/colleagues.